• Nearby Things To Do

    Paradise Beach

    The beach is lovely, usually very calm and where the swimming is easy, no big rollers here (as far as my experinece goes) A five minute boat ride is available to go over to Sandy Island, where you can do some seriously good snorkeling. get the boat from Paradise Beach Club Bar and Restuarant, ask for Alison. 

    Carriacou Carnival

    Carriacou is the largest sister isle of Grenada and its Carnival festival is one of the most authentic in the world. The easy charm of Carriacou mixes with its deep cultural traditions to create this unique event. Speaking of uniqueness, you cannot speak about ‘Kayak Mas’ as it is affectionately called without mentioning Shakespeare Mas. Found only in Carriacou, colorfully dressed masqueraders challenge each other with their best renditions of Shakespeare’s most noted lines.

    Anse La Roche Bay Beach

    Anse La Roche Bay beach is in the 1th place out of 1 beaches in the  Grenada  region 61.2 km away from its center, the city of St. George's. It is one of the beaches of  Bogles  settlement, just 1.8 km from its center. The beach is located in a natural place, among the mountains, surrounded by the cliffs. It is partially covered by trees which give natural shade.

    Sandy Island

    Sandy Island is a tiny uninhabited islet near the airport of Carriacou Island, Grenada. A water taxi from Paradise Beach costs US$15 per person. This is expensive for a 5 minute ride, but it is worth it. There is no a living soul during the hurricane season (from June to October).

    White Island

    White Island is a private islet to the south of Carriacou island, Grenada. As for now, this is uninhabited tropical paradise. But when someone buy it, we'll see just an ordinary tourist development. 

    Carnival, Carriacou

    Carriacou Carnival affectionately called Kayak Mas is a Caribbean festival that offers authentic cultural experiences with a unique twist. Held in February in the pre-Lenten season, the Carnival blends accents of Carriacou’s African, French and English heritage represented in the music, street celebrations, mas bands, food, colours and splendor. 

    Carriacou Regatta Festival

    The Carriacou Regatta is the longest-running regatta festival in the Caribbean since 1965. Carriacou is world-famous for its boat-building traditions and the festival highlights the beautifully crafted boats on the island, in mainland Grenada and surrounding islands converging to race for prizes and bragging rights. Onshore activities include donkey racing, the greasy pole, street parties, and delicious island cuisine.

    Carriacou Parang Festival

    The Carriacou experience is rich with traditional culture including African Big Drum, Quadrille Dancing, Shakespeare Mas and the list goes on. The Parang Festival incorporates some of these elements along with traditional Christmas carols. One of the unique features of the event is parang bands competing against each other for prizes and bragging rights by singing humorous songs on the happenings on the island over the past year.


    Shakespeare Mas is a unique Carnival masquerade to Carriacou, but derives from Grenada’s speech-mas tradition and stick fighting that illustrates Carriacou’s own history and culture in this Creole synthesis. The costume is a colourful shirt/tunic emblazoned with a black heart and mirrors over a white petticoat, face mask, long cape suspending from the head onto the back, and bullwhip.

    Corn Fest in Carriacou

    The island brings together the elements of culture, music and corn related foods to entice one’s tastebuds and create a unique experience. Whether it is coo-coo, cornbread, corn cake, conkie ‘paime”, corn porridge or corn-kebabs, it’s on offer for your enjoyment.

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